Precision machining is as much a craft as it is an art form.

We translate the specifications of our clients into a symphony of action by lathe, saw or mill producing modern day industrial art. The function our client requires is performed by precisely crafted objects of beauty suitable for a post-modern gallery.

Our line operator is a 21 st century artisan, and his work is art, and that art works beautifully.

The hard work we do is not always visible in the finished product we create. But it is when that creation is put to work. Nothing performs like a QSD manufactured part.

And that is the aim of QSD Manufacturing, Inc.: To outperform beyond the status quo and exceed our client's expectations.

It may be hard for someone to see a machined part as artů but then that is what makes QSD stand out from the crowd.

We are artisans and craftsmen of the new millennium. Our sculpture is in stainless steel, aluminum and hardened bronze. Your specifications are our inspiration.